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By Steven Carne, Aug 3 2013 08:29AM

Interesting fact form today’s discussions about FAT peopl in Malawi. One of the acting troupe - Phyllis - was one girl I just could not remember. “She’s the fat one!” says Steward. “You mean the larger framed lady?” I said with a smile.

An hour later I asked the same question as my brain was a bit fried after so much starch these last ten days. “The fat one” says Lemani. “You mean like me, the fat director!” so then ensues a discussion about how in UK we are obsessed with being thin and not being fat. And to say to someone’s face “hey you are getting fat!” is an absolute no no.

But in Malawi calling someone FAT can be a compliment and means “Hey you are doing well!” and to say “ooh you’re losing weight” means that people are worried about you. SO... all us fat buggers should move to Malawi and spread some good and feel just a little bit fine that in some people's eyes we are doing well.

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