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By Steven Carne, Jun 24 2013 10:38PM

God knows why but I somehow decided to reorganise my office today. I put it down to being an Aries. Not that I really believe in Astrology but it is cute the way I can be spontaneous and full of chutzpah sometimes. I do confess I also have a tendency to move onto another spontaneous activity half way through the first but ne'er mind. Okay it's only moving furniture about and tidying up the bloody wires - how many wires!! A phobia of mine is wires and leads all in a jumble under the desk, behind the filing cabinet, alongside the bookcase - no matter where I try to hide them i know they are there! Bloody things. Makes my skin crawl like they were snakes or something. Anway...

By Steven Carne, Jun 12 2013 09:41AM

Discovering another singer/artist who speaks your language is always such a thrill. Laptop Dancer my One Man Many Women show is all about a man singing female songs and seeing how the words change in a man's mouth, from a man's body, and in an audience's ears. Do they change because they are sung by a man? Now I've discovered John Grant .

A Colorado singer who now seems happy to live in Iceland. Someone has to. Great soulful dark music combining guitar ballads with electropop/80's synth & a touch of 60's Scott Walker. Honest! It's the best thing I've heard in ages. And he's making me brave.

He's a gay HIV+ man with his soul locked firmly into the dark earth. Warning: his lyrics are colourful to say the least. In his own statement (latest single) He is the Greatest Motherfucker GMF. Enjoy.

By Steven Carne, Jun 3 2013 08:38PM

Sifting through the computer every now and again you always come across good memories - like tidying behnd the sofa and finding that old pair of pants that went missing agaes ago. God know how they got there but... oh then you remember and it's best left forgotten.

Anyway this photo made me smile today in a day of sitting at the computer building websites with an alien software and with contents even more alien (plumbing & heating products) - my ass is numb that's for sure so this picture made my brain light up for some moments.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to go back to North California to work with the NPA High School. They usually do something worthy and serious - that is important to the teenage mind. So what did I do? Moliere! In 1970's disco mode. I had a fab time and I think they did too. Audiences loved it and I think it is one of the things that I shall be resurrecting again soon in the UK.

That's the problem! Too many bloody ideas and not enough time and money to get them all out there. Once I've finished filming in Malawi I am down for two projects that I MUST see through to the finish. More of tholse later in the year. Now back to Wind Source Heat Pumps and BioMass Boilers.

bye for now


By Steven Carne, May 30 2013 12:41PM

Corporate Films are always a bit of a double edged sword. You need the dosh. You need something for the CV whilst you wait for the bloody phone to ring with the next big one! So you take the one day filming in an office playing the role of some office worker with lines so dull it's no wonder he's bored to death!

But this weekend just gone I had a great time working on a corporate film for health and wellbeing in the office. I think it was aimed at GP's and healthworkers and dealt with conistipation. Apparently it's a huge problem and like - rather like VD Clinics when you were younger - people are embarrassed to talk about it. Anyway had a great time with nice bunch of actors, a great crew and a fun imiginative script. Thanks to Chris Kluckner at Magnify Films for a great time playing Mr Perry. I wasn't the man with constipation but no doubt there is room for jokes about me being full of shit.

What is shit is going onto Facebook this morning and not intending (you never do) to get all grumpy and righteous BUT....

Bloody hell I became so furious at seeing an APP being sold on Apple and Google - a Christian App to cure people from being gay. Free from sin. Sometimes this world amazes me. I'm finding myself repeating what is fast becoming my mantra. Religion is a Mental Health Issue. Does that make me crazy...?

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